New Car – Honda Civic Type R

After spending nearly 4 years building my Clio 172 Cup track car, earlier this year I made the very difficult decision to let it go to a new home. I had tried to sell the Clio a few times last year but each time deleted the advert at the last minute as I couldn’t quite […]


Team 440 & SlamMedia at Xscape Yorkshire

Having recently traded in my Clio track car and become a Honda owner (more about that soon!) a few of my friends invited me along to a little car meet at Xscape in Castleford organised by the lads at Team 440 and SlamMedia. It sounded like the perfect opportunity to have a cruise out in […]

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Resolutions 2014

Wow, it’s that time of year again. When everyone looks back at the year that’s passed and makes a list of resolutions to improve their lives for the next year. Last year I didn’t make a list. Instead I made a private little promise to myself to do a few of the really important things […]

Alpine CDE-W235BT Bluetooth Firmware Update Failed

I have an Alpine CDE-W235BT which around 6 months ago I tried to do the bluetooth update on. I followed the instructions and burnt a CD with the firmware on but when performing the update it just got stuck. I left it over an hour and it never finished. Eventually I had to turn the […]

Bye Bye Flickr. Hello 500px

My current life is very hectic, I’m working hard on my career, personal projects, and various hobbies. Building, maintaining and driving a track car takes up a lot of time, as does photography. My girlfriend works shifts as a paramedic so finding precious time to spend with her is difficult also. With all that going […]

Syntax check your PHP before GIT Commit

I’ve been working fairly heavily recently with GIT (after finally dropping the SVN bad habit), and one thing I really wanted to do was a quick PHP lint check of my files before committing them just to check for Friday afternoon style stupid typo mistakes. I stumbled across a few pre-commit hooks and used bits […]

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